Auto, Home & Personal Insurance

Auto Insurance

When shopping for auto insurance, prospective customers should be aware of the distinctions that exist. There are two main types of auto insurance: comprehensive and collision. Comprehensive will cover events like fire, flooding, theft, and any other natural disasters or damage caused by third parties. Collision covers what comprehensive doesn’t: namely, collision with stationary objects and collision with other cars. While auto insurance is required by law, buyers should know how much coverage is needed based on their car’s value, and the likelihood of these events occurring.

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Homeowners Insurance

Regardless of where you live, every homeowner should invest in a homeowner policy. The policy can reimburse owners in the event of a natural disaster (such as fire or flood) or even replace items in the case of a theft. The policy can also be used to cover injuries sustained by guests in your home.

Homeowners insurance coverage is broken into two categories: named perils and all-risk. Named perils only will cover those situations and losses explicitly stated in the policy. An all-risk contract covers all situations and losses unless otherwise stated in the policy.

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Personal Umbrella Policies

Buying an umbrella policy could be that additional protection you might need. The flexibility of an umbrella policy allows you to cover basic auto claims, expensive property damage, or even particularly grievous bodily injuries. Policies come in large increments and can help cover nearly any situation you might find yourself in.

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Renters Insurance

Renting a home can be just as serious as owning a home. Fortunately, renters insurance can help ease the burden of any potential risks. A renters policy can help replace any possession that could be damaged or stolen. Plus, if someone were to seriously injured, they can file a claim with your insurance company. Don’t shoulder any unforeseen costs out of pocket. Structure a renters policy and keep your home the sanctuary it should be.

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Alpha Insurance Group offers bikers the chance to share the risk of riding a motorcycle with quality coverage while on the road. We offer a fixed premium to help cover any costs that might arise when out on your bike. From collision, to theft protection, including accessory reimbursement, our plans offer a wide range of options for anyone looking to insure their ride.

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Boat and Watercraft

Owners of any boat, jet ski, or personal watercraft (PWC) should be aware of the options available to limit the risk involved with watercraft ownership. Homeowners insurance offers limited coverage, but fortunately we offer policies that fill in the gaps.

Similar to auto insurance, Alpha Insurance Group offers property damage insurance, liability coverage, and personal liability insurance. Property damage insurance covers you if any property damages occur when operating your boat. Liability coverage acts as collision insurance in the case of an accident involving a dock or another boat. Personal liability insurance allows for protection in case anyone sustains bodily injury during operation of your watercraft. To begin structuring your policy, call for a free quote today.

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